By the age of 12 I had had lived in JAPAN and TURKEY. These trips included stops  in SPAIN, ITALY, GREECE, GERMANY , NORTH AFRICA (Libya), and IRELAND.  My Dad was in the Navy and able to take us with him.  One thing I learned early from him was to respect the customs of other countries. Another rule of travel was ***Anything you buy you have to carry it***  That is how my love of Miniatures was started.  We always lived off base in a local village. He was really good at meeting and making friends with the local people.  We went to so many wonderful places, guided by the friends he made.

Later in life I had managed to visit many other countries including TAHITI, FRANCE, AUSTRIA, NETHERLANDS and again to  IRELAND, ITALY, GREECE, SPAIN, GERMANY, TURKEY.

More local travel was not ignored.  Born in HAWAII, live in CALIFORNIA visited ALASKA, OREGON, WASHINGTON, NEVADA ,ARIZONA, TEXAS (Home of Grandparents) IDAHO, WYOMING, UTAH, COLORADO, KANSAS, MISSOURI, ARKANSAS, TENNESSE, NORTH & SOUTH CAROLINA, NEW YORK & MAINE, then a trip south to include GEORGIA & FLORIDA.  And a few other states scattered in as well.

Did not miss MEXICO OR CANADA.

This would be ME in a nutshell… I have also developed a love of turning these adventures into PHOTO ALBUMS.  These I will share in catorgies to come…..


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