Light Aqua and Deep Blue waters of TAHITI.

Rich Forest Green of IRELAND with moss covered Ruins, Castles and Churches, the Cliffs of Moher and Kissed the Blarney Stone giving me the gift of gab. Think about the Magic of Irish Music and Fairies.

Brilliant Blue Domes of the GREEK ISLANDS – Exploring Santorini and Mykonos with sailing by the Island of Capri.

Oktoberfest in MUNICH  under the “Big Tent”.

Ancient Ruins of Roman POMPEII  and Greek EPHESUS.

Millions of Cherry Blossoms in JAPAN.

THE VATICAN including a trip to the former residence of the Pope in AVIGNON.

Amazing  works of Art in the RIJKS MUSEUM . . .


I have enjoyed a stay at the beachside Palace of Napoleon in BERITZ.

There have been many modes of transportation – besides Air, Ship,Train, Riverboat, I rode Horseback into the hills to a remote village in TURKEY. They had never seen an American, I was 11, my brother 8.  I strolled the Camel Market in TRIPOLI and rattled along in an ancient Wagon pulled by Oxen to a deserted  beach on the BLACK SEA.


* Mental Hospital for Van Gogh in SAINT-REMY-DE-PROVENCE.


*Dinner at the top of the WORLD TRADE CENTER.

THE ACROPOLIS OF ATHENS lit up at night!

*SPANISH Flamingo Dancers.


*********Dancing Bears and a Music Box Monkey, followed by a troop of twirling Gypsies with Finger Bells and Tambourine along the cobblestone street – right in front of MY house!  THE MONKEY RUNNING FROM HOUSE TO HOUSE COLLECTING WHATEVER HE COULD  – all dressed up fancy!  all the while we were warned to have someone posted at the back of the house…..in TURKEY. 1959 – I was 11.

By the age of 12, I had had lived in JAPAN and TURKEYThese trips included stops  in SPAIN, ITALY, GREECE, GERMANY , NORTH AFRICA(Libya), and IRELAND. My Dad was in the Navy and able to take us with him.  One thing I learned early from him was to respect the customs of other countries. Another rule of travel was ***Anything you buy you have to carry it***  That is how my love of Miniatures was started.  We always lived off base in a local village. . .  He was really good at meeting and making friends with the local people.  We went to so many wonderful places, guided by the friends he made.

Later in life I had managed to visit many other countries including TAHITI, FRANCE, AUSTRIA, NETHERLANDS and again to  IRELAND, ITALY, GREECE, SPAIN, GERMANY, TURKEY.

More local travel was not ignored.  Born in HAWAII, live in CALIFORNIA visited ALASKA, OREGON, WASHINGTON, NEVADA ,ARIZONA, TEXAS (Home of Grandparents) IDAHO, WYOMING, UTAH, COLORADO, KANSAS, MISSOURI, ARKANSAS, TENNESSE, NORTH & SOUTH CAROLINA, NEW YORK & MAINE, then a trip south to include GEORGIA & FLORIDA.  And a few other states scattered in as well.

Also several visits MEXICO and CANADA.

What is Next?


I have also developed a love of turning these adventures into Old Fashioned PHOTO ALBUMS – the kind families have for years and years.


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