I’m Lucky… I am my own Personal Chef.

Healthy Mediterranean Cuisine is what works for me.     *Fresh is Best.*     Olives, Nuts, Fruits, Veges, Cheese, Meat/ Fish and Fresh Bread.     *Shop the outside edges of the store. Avoid the Aisle of processed food*  and buy the best quality Products you can, especially Olive Oil.

My personal experience at the Legendary Golden Door Spa in the early 80’s:  “The” go to place for Movie Stars and the Rich & Famous.  As Night Supervisor, my duties included dinner prep, supervise meal  service (my napkin folding ability has been a fun side trip) and Healthy Evening Fruit Plates (this is when I learned to Love Pine Nuts. Just a few are wonderful!).  Also took care of any other Guest requests.  High end clients came to get the BODY, MIND & SPIRIT  renewed.  Time to recharge is very important.

My Culinary Hero:  Julia Child  When I saw the Chicken Episode, I was sold… this lady knew what she was doing! Her incredible show was the beginning of Food TV.  Make note, I can make her French Onion Soup!

You might like Genuine Homecooking that came from my Mom: Chicken Fried Steak, Mac & Cheese, Meatloaf, and Southern Fried Chicken and I do know how to make Gravy and Sauces.

Dad, Thanks for the BBQ training.  All agree, my Ribs are the “bomb”. Imagine Bacon – Ranch Potato Salad.

I love making Meat/Cheese/ Fruit & Vege Trays – Wings any way you like them.  Homemade Egg Rolls or Fondue are additional options.

Along the way I became a Very Capable Baker.  As Julia says: “A party without cake is just a meeting”.  A woman, over 100 years old was asked for her advice, it was “eat Cake when ever you can”.  OK, I love cake.

Other interesting experiences:

Hosted a Dessert Wedding Reception in my home for 75 people.  Deep Red Roses were Everywhere.

I have eaten All Over The World.  Some were Anthony Bourdain style, including wineries & breweries.  I witnessed a chicken with the neck rung off then being chased to cook for dinner.  I experienced Lamb from Beginning to End… Birth to BBQ.



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