Much of the costuming listed below took place over long periods of time, many projects lasting for years as well as overlapping.


*  San Diego Historical Society – Repairs and restoration.

*  San Diego Starlight Theater – My daughter was performing in WIZARD OF OZ, giving me the opportunity to work in the green room with costumes, wigs, hairpieces & beards.

*  California Ballet (San Diego) –  While my other daughter danced (over 10 years), I worked the green room – repairs, fittings and restorations. Also included organization of costumes in the warehouse, fabrics, trims and supplies.  Major restoration of 6 very large Reindeer Heads using the material used to make casts for broken bones…. and repair of the huge Nutcracker head were interesting projects. Oh yes, there was a 2 person cow costume.

*  Renaissance and Medieval – Complete Custom Costumes – with headpieces, hairpieces, jewelry and shoes.

*  Set of Biblical Costumes suitable for church “Living Nativity Scenes”, plays and gatherings.

*  Cruise Ship costumed Toga party.  Held workshops to create & decorate Togas.

*   I know How to Fix Humpty Dumpty.


HISTORICAL COSTUMES, ART, ARTIFACTS & MUSIC for the Classroom – K through Junior High

I started in Kindergarten for my son (he is now 28).  Thanksgiving rolled around and out came the construction paper and patterns for Pilgrim hats and collars.  I said wait a minute!  I can make them washable fabric for everyone to use, then wash and pack away for next year. And so it happened… we asked each student to explore a thrift store for plain, dark “Pilgrim” pants or a long plain skirt to complete the outfit. Somehow, jeans kill the look!  I had a supply of thrifted items to show how to choose, they were also loaned out.  I ORGANIZED THE POWER OF PARENT VOLUNTEERS.

My 3 wonderful children let me costume their classrooms each year with a new theme, whatever the History focus for that grade level. Suitable Art and Artifacts as well as Music were worked into the program.

After Pilgrims came Pioneers, Gold Rush Prospectors, Spanish & Missions, Vikings (now that was a fun one), Explorers, Native Americans, Renaissance & Medieval.

The entire collection was stored in a huge metal storage unit outfitted with clothing racks and shelving.

At the Junior High level a Renaissance Fair was held for the whole day. Prior to the event, I held many lectures in the library, including  Fashion Show Demonstrations encouraging  thrifted “make-it-yourself” costumes.  It was truly an amazing adventure!

There were years the “Pilgrims” costumed up for a field trip to visit The Star of India sailing ship in San Diego.

Well, this is basically it… I can add there were a lot of memorable Halloweens and Birthdays. My kids were fully costumed to ride on a Historical  float – Watching a parade is one thing, being in one is something else!  For Halloween one year, my girls and I with some of their friends went as a troop of twirling Gypsies with finger bells and a tambourine.


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