All ME

As a young girl, I learned to SEW from the best, my Grandmother.  She was a top notch Seamstress, Tailor & Milliner.  It started on one of those trips to West Texas, from California, I was greeted by 2 brand new Barbies in 1959.  She had made an entire wardrobe including coats and hats.  I spent the two weeks before we left for 9 months in Turkey with my Grandmother making even more outfits.

I learned to  from SWIM from a Navy Seal and learned to SHOOT from the Chief of Police, Dad seemed to know what I would later need.

I developed a fondness for Antiques early on . . . with an Antique Shop of my own.

Dollhouse Miniatures” – When traveling, my parents told me any Souvenir I wanted, I had to carry it!  Well, super small will work.  And so it did.  Over the years, I have created all sorts of Miniatures for Workshops, Conventions and Shows and my Miniature Shop. I developed many skills using Resin – Wood – Fabrics – Beading – Metal Findings – and more.

I love BOOKS (both Miniature and Full Size), Libraries, Museums, Theater, Dance, The Farmers Market and Festivals of all sorts.

YOGA is simply wonderful.

1966 was phenomenal for me . . . It was my Senior Year, just in time for the invention of the Mini Skirt, the Beatles had arrived  and so had Hippies.    That was also when I represented my school in the HiDeb Program with The Broadway Department Store. It included Modeling the latest fashion each weekend from Seventeen Magazine with a getting to keep complete outfit from the cover of the magazine each month.  Also, worked in the store, learning retail marketing.  I have an AA degree in Merchandising  and graduated Beauty School in 1968 (useful in working with Wigs).   I am ready if the Flip, Bubble or curls piled on top of your head ever come back into style!

Music and Concerts to follow…





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